The ODREA Project is articulated around 3 major phases:

  1. Project definition: this 90-day phase includes the definition of the demonstration and communication strategy plans
  2. Validation of the demonstration scenarios: this phase encompasses the definition and adaption of the simulation framework, as well as the preparation of procedures and scenarios and their possible refining based on the results analysis from the real-time human in the loop simulations
  3. Flight demonstrations: The RPAS system to be used in the proposed demonstrations is the Sagem Patroller™ system. The flight demonstration phase encompasses the preparation of the RPAS used for the demonstrations with the integration of the Detect & Avoid system, the setup of the demonstration environment and the performance of a campaign of flight trials

ODREA Phasing_2


The following milestones have been identified. All will be subject to the issuance of either a presentation to be posted on the extranet in the publicly area, or an internal report to be posted on the extranet in the project private area.