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Patroller™, gathers Sagem’s UAV experience in a family of long-endurance surveillance UAV systems intended for dual-use governmental purpose in support of defense and homeland security missions.

Patroller preflight 1-07-10 BA125 Istres photo Ph Wodka-Gallien - Sagem_


With Patroller™, Sagem has designed and developed a family of 1 ton-class long-endurance UAV systems adapted to nation states’ growing defense and homeland security needs.

This offer is based on Sagem’s total mastering of the integration of complex systems and technology required for the development of UAV systems and applicable to numerous types of aircraft. This includes avionics, navigation, image chain and gyrostabilized optronic sensors, data transmission, ground stations, mission planning, etc. The offer relies on 20 years of experience in the field of tactical UAVs, where Sagem is the European leader. It also takes into account the considerable experience and feedback that Sagem has acquired through the support of its different customers deployed in external operations.

The long-endurance Patroller™ UAV family is based on a common EASA-certified platform, specially developed for mission aircraft and UAVs by the world-renowned German aircraft manufacturer Stemme. The avionics systems, the datalink and the Ground Control Station (GCS) are based on the existing and combat proven tactical Sperwer Mk.II UAV sub systems. Thanks to the uncompromising quality of their optronic sensors and datalink, Sagem UAVs provide high-resolution images and high target localization accuracy. Patroller™ open and modular architecture combined with its 250kg payload capacity allow to easily integrate a wide variety of other sensors as well as a wide-band Satcom datalink.

Patroller™ is available in three versions, depending on user missions and needs:

  • Patroller™-R for Air Force requirements
  • Patroller™-M for maritime surveillance
  • Patroller™-S for homeland security surveillance

According to customer needs, patroller™ Systems can be acquired, leased or offered through flight by the hour contract (Turnkey service including maintenance). – See more at: http://www.sagem.com/spip.php?rubrique37&lang=en




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