Sagem Patroller

Sagem Patroller

The main objectives of the Operational Demonstration of RPAS in the European Airspace (ODREA) project are to verify RPAS can readily be integrated into non-segregated airspace, to define and test emergency procedures as well as Detect and Avoid (D&A) technology, and also to evaluate the acceptance by ATC of several RPAS performing different types of missions.

This project will be performed by a consortium including Rockwell Collins France, ENAC, DNSA and SAGEM, in response to the SJU call for proposal ref. SJU/LC/0087-CFP.
The ODREA project is expected to investigate the following aspects of RPAS insertion in civilian airspaces:

  • Definition and validation of procedures in aerodrome circulation, and during SID/STAR phase of flight around the same airport,
  • Capability to issue an IFR-like flight plan for RPAS,
  • Capability to integrate a MALE RPAS into the managed air traffic of a middle sized commercial airport,
  • Capability to follow adapted SID/STAR from/to a middle sized commercial airport,
  • Capability to conduct RPAS missions in a lower airspace, including abnormal situations,
  • D&A procedures and technology.

For that purpose, the project merges simulation and demonstration flight activities:

  • Simulations: the main objectives of the simulations are to assist in the definition and the validation of operational procedures managing RPAS within representative controlled traffic. Moreover, the simulation framework is used to perform deeper analysis of some situations and environments without over costs that would result of actual flights though allowing assessment of human factors with representative controller and remote pilot stations
  • Demonstration Flights: the main objectives are to demonstrate that RPAS can be interfaced with standard civil ATC and exchange data to be managed as other commercial aircraft by civil operator, and to demonstrate Detect & Avoid capabilities with respect to other traffic, both on the airport surface and in the air

Simulations will consist into fast time and real time human in the loop simulation. They will be performed using Toulouse-Blagnac representative traffic, DSNA and ENAC simulation suites and personnel and SAGEM means (Patroller remote pilot station for real time simulations and D&A simulation model for fast time simulations).

Demonstration flights will be performed using SAGEM Patroller OPV, and will consist in one campaign in the area of Toulouse Blagnac, including at least 4 flights. During these flights, procedures elaborated during simulation exercises will be validated in real conditions, and specific tests will be performed regarding D&A issues, using SAGEM D&A demonstrator and ENAC plastron

Project duration is 20 months.